We think this name symbolizes good the ability of change, the need for adjustment and trying new forms and working solutions, particularly important for the difficult role of social workers and welfare organizations.
In recent years, social work with adults in extreme vulnerability has changed its priorities due to increasing diversity of interventions and types of end user and increasing diversity of professionals involved in the social service system
This has led to 2 consequences for social workers:
-Individual work with end users is becoming more complex due to language barriers and cultural misunderstandings
-Work within organisations, both inside single work teams, and among different teams within the same service system, is unable to ensure the complementarity and effectiveness of the entire intervention. Different professionals have often very different methodologies, languages and timescales.
The aim of the project is to increase digital skills of professionals working in the field of education and social inclusion of adults in extreme vulnerability situations (e.g. homeless, migrant, asylum seekers, refugees, etc.). The project plans an integrated course of experiences and practices exchange among European partner organizations, as well as a workers’ mobility and training program.
Complete collaboration and exchange among partners will be always the core of the methodology:
ELASTIC will use digital communication tools, such as skype, a facebook group, sharing systems like google drive, calendar, etc. under the supervision of the leader partner.
This fast communication system will help each partner to complete its own task. Ongoing evaluation will be carried on digitally, to verify what has been apprehended and exchanged.
In short, the project will identify new practices, develop new skills and try new instruments to enhance the effectiveness of local welfare and community services addressed to adult population at risk of marginalization and exclusion as well as give new tools to social workers to produce digital documentation to be used both in their work with end users and to spread their organizations competences.                   

Programme: Erasmus+
Overall goalsCooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices
Themes: Training for socials operators, ICT, use of technologies and digital devices in the social sector.
Donor: European Union
Project duration: 2 years  (16/10/2017 – 15/10/2019)
Lead: OpenGroup Soc. Coop.
Partner: ASP Città di Bologna, Społeczna Akademia Nauk - SAN (University of Social Sciences), Czech Streetwork Association – CAS, FEANTSA, DOCUMENTA, FIOPSD, EAPN Cantabria, DIESIS, Polish Migration Forum Foundation – PFM

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