The place where the project is implemented is the metropolitan city of Bologna including 55 municipalities. This area has distinguished itself at an early age by a strong sensitivity to the theme of male violence against women, thanks to the opening of different anti-violence centres, first and foremost "La Casa delle Donne per non subire violenza".

The project aims to increase the action against violence that have been realised in bolognese territories, thanks to RADICE (Rafforzare l’Autonomia delle Donne, Implementare i CEntri di semi-autonomia) with the “Casa delle Donne per non subire violenza” organization. It also solicits the help request by the abused women and incite the local authorities to help them.

In order to implement this project, the realisation involves:

-assign materials and start radiofonic or televisive spots.

- 15 semi structured interviews with men who have turned to Senza Violenza and have dropped out of the programme ongoing.

-analysis and revision of the qualitative and quantitative data collected and drafting of the final report.

-the reworked version of the results of the awareness-raising programme, of the learning process and the ones of the supervision: these are realized with operators and apical figures of the community service.

-choice of a publishing house for the final publishing.


Goalsextend and control the interventions directed to man authors of violence against their partner or ex partner.

Themesviolence against women, violent partner, men authors of violence, treatment programs for mistreating men, intervention strategies in violence situations, awareness for society.

Loan:  117.000

DonorDipartimento Per Le Pari Opportunità (italian: department for equal opportunities)

LeadAssociation “Senza Violenza” (italian: without violence)

PartnerComune di Bologna; ASP città di Bologna; Casa delle donne per non subire violenza ONLUS; ASC InSieme.


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