Thisproject consists in the offer of a free individual or group process, which aims to stop violence and abuses. The process will take place in the buildings put at the disposal of Senza Violenza organisation by ASP City of Bologna.  

Bologna is the area with the biggest number of  cases of women helped and hosted for abusing reasons. In the lasts years there is also an increment of foreign women that report violence episodes: italian women have family and friend here, but they have not, therefore they suffer more serious violences.

In 2015 there have been 753 women hosted in these buildings: 70% italian women that for 62% are between 26 and 46 years. The foreign women who have been helped, come mostly from Est Europe; the elevated presence of women with children that need help shows that is necessary create support activities for this children that may have suffered of violence.

In most cases the abuser are partner or ex partner, so the victims and their children need the help of different local institutions like social services, police, courthouses etc...

This project wants to strengthen the forms of assistance and support to the female victims of violence and to their children also through the reinforcement of the territorial services’ network, of the anti-violence centres, of the care services in order to prevent and contrast violence against women.

The project’s key points are:

-identify appropriate supportive measures designed to ensure educational services and educational supporting for minors victim of violence

-promote career guidance addressed to women hosted in anti-violence centres and women’s shelters. 


Overall goals:  strengthen of anti-violence centres and of assistance services for female victims of violence and their children

Themescomplaint of abuses, violence against italian and foreign women, free interventions in host buildings

Loan277.000 €

DonorDipartimento Per le Pari Opportunità (italian: department for equal opportunities)

LeadCasa delle Donne per non subire violenza

PartnerASP Città di Bologna; ASC InSieme.


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