The main goal of the project REBUILD is  to facilitate the peaceful integration process of migrants (the one who already live in the European Union), international protection seekers and refugees in society. These objectives will be achieved through :

-the development and the testing of tools dedicated to migrants in order to increase the possibilities to have access to public services

-the increment of the knowledge of public policy makers

This proposal aims to develop a toolbox of ICT solutions that will improve the management of migrations flows and migrants’ quality of life.

The key solutions identified are:

-a tool of data collection based on blockchain technology.

-a tool based on artificial intelligence that it is able to combine migrants’ skills with the ones requested in the host country.

-a digital platform useful for migrants to find public services and support, in order to improve their level of integration into society and to know which job opportunity is the best for themselves.


Programme: Horizon 2020

Donor: European Union



Official website: REBUILD official website