The main goal is to convert Villa Salus, an ex abandoned hospital, to an innovative place focused on three pillars: Wellbeing, Welfare and Welcoming. Salus Space operates towards the social, cultural and economic inclusion for migrants, refugees, people beneficiaries of housing-transition, students, families, workers and in general the whole citizen. Salus Space will be:

-socially, economically, financially and environmentally sustainable

-accessible because it’s open to the whole citizen, to vulnerable social groups and not only that.

-incubator of numerous services and opportunities: theatres, craftsmanship’s laboratories, a restaurant, a co-working place, vegetable gardens and gardens, formation’s room, environments and cultural activities.

-social because it is connected to the territory, both virtually and physically thanks to the synergies with a number of activities scattered spread over the territory.


Salus Space will be composed by a residential building in which will be 80 beds divided in about 25 apartments and a hostel with 12 beds; a so-called “greenhouse building” divided in theatre, a restaurant and three craftsmanship’s laboratories; the ex Hyperbaric-room that will serve as conference room, a place for co-working and rooms for training courses; outside there will be vegetable gardens.


ProgrammeU.I.A. (Urban Innovative Actions)

Overall Goals: identify new solutions that face themes related to the urban sustainable development.

Themesurban poverty, integration and social inclusion for migrants and refugees, energetic transition, development of new jobs and knowledge of the local economy.


DonorEuropean Union

Project duration: 3 years, 1st august 2017 – 31st july 2020 (extended to 31st october 2020)

Lead: Municipality of Bologna

Partner: ASP Città di Bologna, IRS, OpenGroup Soc. Coop., ICIE, Antoniano onlus, Camelot, Cantieri Meticci, Società Dolce, EtaBeta, CIOFS FP Emilia Romagna, Microfinanza srl, CEFAL Emilia Romagna, CSAPSA, ACLI Bologna, UNIBO


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