MICADO’s key idea is a comprehensive migrant data environment with easy-to-comprehend front ends, so-called “Cockpits”. These Cockpits address the key user groups: Authorities, Migrants, Mentors and Supporters, with relevant knowledge and practical services.

Migrants will have their own “Arrival Cockpit” which they can easily access with their mobile devices. This cockpit provides them attractive offers and information. From the earliest moment after the migrants’ arrival, their cockpit allows native language communication with authorities and administrations. According to user group, the cockpits present valuable information and tools that support key issues of migrant integration: Work, Language and Community.

MICADO generates valuable knowledge and assistance for authorities, migrants and mentors. It aims at creating a data environment that is able to exploit the power of contemporary data analytics for the purpose of migrant integration.

To be adaptive to future needs and challenges, MICADO will be designed as an open and evolutive data hub that is able to channel migrant’s data to secondary applications and users via open interfaces. MICADO provides a replicable blueprint that can be adapted to the specific context of multiple locations.

ProgrammeHorizon 2020

Overall goals: Effectively support the successful integration of migrants into European cities and societies.

ThemesMigration, social issues, public sector innovation and information, open data, social policies, work and welfare.

Loan4.255.640  €

DonorEuropean Union

Project duration42 months

LeadHafencity Universität Hamburg

PartnerFreie und Hansestadt Hamburg; Hamburgisches Weltwirtschaftsinstitut Gemeinnützige GmbH; Universiteit Antwerpen; OCMW Antwerpen; vzw Integratie en Inburgering Antwerpen; Digipolis; Alma Mater Studiorum- Università di Bologna; ASP città di Bologna; Consorzio per il sistema informativo (CSI Piemonte); Ilustre Colegio Nacional de Doctores y Licenciados en Ciencias Políticas y Sociología; Dirección General de Servicios Sociales e Integración Social, comunidad de Madrid; Universidad Rey Juan Carlos; Technische Universität Wien; SYNYO GmbH.


Official website: MICADO official website

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