The general objective of the project is to improve a model of career guidance and job placement services for the asylum seekers welcome in the Metropolitan territory of the City of Bologna

The project aims at:

-promoting the empowerment and self-awareness of their abilities and professionals skills by the beneficiaries ì.

-improving the oral expression and the story of their professionals experiences through the comparison with the students involved in the project

-promoting the digital Literacy and the knowledge of terms connected to a specifics professionality.

-building a community welfare that promotes wide spread wellbeing responding to the needs of the territory in which they live.


-more possibilities of greater chance of successful working and less demands for social-welfare services

-more success in taken carrier paths

-initiating inclusive and integrative proccess


Overall Goal: Give people tools, not only interpersonal, but also act for the sectoral work research and acquisition of technical-computer skills.

Theme: the project aims to identify tools and methodologies fort the development of useful skills in search of the job by asylum seekers

Lead: Arca di Noè Social Cooperative

Partner: AICIS (Associazione Italiana Counseiling Integrato e Sostegno) Di Bologna, Istituti di Scuola Secondaria Superiore di Bologna, Università di Bologna-Facoltà di Scuola di Psicologia e Scienze della Formazione.

Duration: October 2018- December 2019

Donator: ASP City of Bologna