Women, in general, have greater difficulties in looking for a job, if it adds the presence of dependent children, due to the absence of support networks, and a low level of education and qualification, as in the case of migrant women. In this case getting a job becomes more and more complicated.

Women victims of violence accepted into receiving communities, in particular migrant women with child, represents a category affected by the risk of marginalization in the labor market.

The objectives of the project are :

1. Coordination and monitoring: realization of a coordination action that favors the positive interaction between the different partners and the adhering subjects as well as a careful monitoring of the progress of the project in each of its phases

2. Selection of beneficiaries: Identification of n. 40 women victims of violence and / or mistreatment, guests of resident communities for pregnant women and mothers with children, unemployed or unemployed.

3. Reconciliation of working and child care times

4. The orientation aims to enhance the personal and professional, formal and informal resources of the woman with the function of strengthening self-esteem, the ability to define one's own path, the ability to make choices in the workplace and the correct reading skills of the contexts

5. Technical-professional training: 48 hours of classroom training, divided into: 16 hours of occupational safety, safety training is provided for "high risk" workplaces so that the course can be spent in any working context; 8 hours of transversal skills; 24 hours of technical-professional skills (offered free of charge by companies)

6.Working insertion: internship lasting 6 months

The results of the project:

-close collaboration with "inclusive" companies: local companies which are available not only for offering job opportunities, but which can also offer technical and professional training courses for free.

-the creation of a positive and mixed work team composed by experts in the job placement for disadvantaged targets and experts in the educational field.


Overall goal: creation of innovative approaches for inserting women victims of violence and / or mistreatment hosted in receiving communities in the metropolitan city of Bologna

Theme: projects aimed at inserting women victims of violence and / or mistreatment into the labor market

Duration: 18 months

Partner:  CoopSociale La Venes, CSAPSA

Donor: European Union

Lead: MondoDonna Onlus Association