As a consequence of demographic changes, EU Member States face an increasing demand for skilled workers and volunteers in the care and   support   of  the elderly, while the labour market is facing a shortage of care workers. At the same time, it is necessary to keep pace with   appropriate quality   requirements in order to guarantee the quality of life of the residents of nursing homes.

 The GAMLEC project - Game for mutual learning in the care of the elderly - aims to promote the training of staff, volunteers and caregivers through   an innovative learning method based on games.

  The aim of the project is to provide a training measure that:

-Promotes high quality standards in the care for the elder, mutual understanding, team work, knowledge sharing among co-workers, volunteers and families;

-Takes scarcity of resources into consideration and is therefore provided directly by the organizations: when, where and what is needed;

-Makes learning easy and complex content (quality standards in care for dependent seniors) accessible to people with a lower education level and limited language proficiency as well as to target groups with no professional background;

-Is innovative: a learning game approach is chosen focusing on the contributions made by different partners with mutual benefits through sharing best practices in contents and procedures across borders.

Programme: Erasmus + - KA2

Loan: 285.030,00 €

Donor: Unione Europea

Project duration: 26 mesi (15.09.2019-31.10.2021)

Lead: IP-International GmbH Creative Corporate Training

Partner: VYTAUTO DIDZIOJO UNIVERSITETAS, ISIS GMBH Germany, Cooperativa Assistenza Disabili infermi Anziani Infanzia, ASP CITTA’ DI BOLOGNA,  AFEdemy, Academy on agefriendly environments in Europe B.V.


Official website: GAMLEC Official website

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Working on the Learning board game

Interview with the Responsible of care actvities, Giuseppe Vito